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  • Animal Serie 2

    Sonny Angel Animal Serie 2

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    Animal Serie 2

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    Product description

    Sonny Angels Animal Series 2

    Sonny Angels are the nicest angels on earth! These cute lucky charms come from Japan and are real collector's items. The blushing cheeks, wings and bare body are characteristic of a Sonny Angel.

    The Sonny Angels fit perfectly in a modern dollhouse. You can also see the Sonny Angels in combination with our own collection of dollhouses and dollhouse furniture. In addition, also very suitable as a gift and for decoration in the nursery.

    The Sonny Angels are available in various series, from animals to flowers and fruits.

    Series: Animals 2 consists of 12 different animal figures, each of them beautiful lucky charms.

    This series consists of:




    -Red panda

    - Giraffe


    -Polar bear

    -Baby boar





    These cute lucky dolls are sold in a 'blind box'. Blind selling is the wish of the producer and the idea behind Sonny Angel.

    The angels are packed closed. You can choose an angel from a certain series, but you do not know in advance which figure you will get from the series.

    So you don't choose the Sonny Angel, but the Sonny Angel chooses you!

    Always exciting ....

    Each series includes a '' secret '' Sonny Angel. It is therefore possible that you will receive an unknown doll. These are only made in a limited edition. They are real collector's items!

    Product information:

    Sonny Angel: 7.5 cm high
    The price stated is the price per Sonny Angel.
    3+ (Not suitable for children under three years of age, the heads of Sonny Angel are loose)
    Delivery time:

    If you only order Sonny Angels, they will be sent the next day.

    We are an official and authorized point of sale for Sonny Angels. We only sell the original Sonny Angels.

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